For just finishing 12 days at sxsw, I could look much worse

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Drop the "Of Me". Just "Shots". It's cleaner

Jenn is an incredible philanthropist. Happy to support her Human Rights day event #peaceincongo

Oh no! My hair and mustache froze solid!

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At a gaudy gaming startup party, complete with old-timey bro. It's like ~2009 Zynga in here

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Tiffany's first selfie. You're never too old to start loving yourself

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My dog Cloud positively lost his shit when I got home

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Apple, I need an HDR selfie camera!

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Puerto Vallarta, and the living's easy


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My weird friends say hi

Ostrich Pillow, bc I nap hard.

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Rawwwr! The Dropbo[T-Re]x

Tutu Tuesday, a magnet for the unafraid

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Just saw Benedict Cumberbatch crush it in the film of the Danny Boyle's Frankenstein play. See it.

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Much love to all.

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Straight from the underground

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I'm a business, man

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